Clinic’s standards

Our primary goal is your satisfaction so in addition to primary care, we guarantee above-standard services that are included in the standards of Mediconet clinic. The provision of such services was, among other factors, inspired by healthcare procedures in Western Europe.
Monitoring of Mediconet standards compliance
Mediconet monitors the observance of its standards in several ways. We regularly monitor client feedback as well as the results of analysis of intra-company procedures, which are compared to implemented standard procedures (quality assurance and quality control).

These analyses result in the flexible implementation of changes and modifications to align our service scope with client expectations. These changes include modifications of procedures and additional staff trainings on topics such as client service. Our approach to clients and the observance of procedures by our staff are directly reflected in the staff bonus system.
Implemented systems:
Regular client feedback analysis, client satisfaction surveys - every week members of our staff contact randomly selected clients who have visited our clinic in order to obtain valuable information regarding the quality of our services and client satisfaction. In this way we regularly reconnect with 8 to 10% of our clients. We ask clients to assess our service level using a 10-point scale.
Questionnaires at our reception desk are another valuable source of feedback. Our clients use these to write comments or ideas related to our service.
Feedback received through other communication channels (personal contact, electronic mail, etc).
Client contact centre - software that monitors the availability of the client contact centre and the time necessary to meet client requests.

Monitoring of work performance (load) of individual specialists (visit scheduling) at the clinic using specialized software connected to the visit scheduling system.

  • appointment at a GP surgery within 24 hours
  • appointment at a specialist within 7 days
  • waiting period for scheduled appointment maximum 15 minutes
  • emergency treatment on the day of request
  • provision and coordination of all laboratory tests and additional examinations
  • informing client about diagnostic and treatment procedures, including examination results
  • access to healthcare services in the Czech Republic