Year-round Health Care

This is a service provided to our card-holding clients. The system for healthcare service provision is divided into four basic levels based on scope - White, Blue, Silver and Gold programmes. A membership card allows a client to use the services included in a particular care programme.
Management of health-care
Electronic medical records
Individual consultation based on findings, including results of laboratory tests
Option of care provided by contracted physicians in other regions of the Slovak Republic
Option to use healthcare services in the Czech Republic
Program "Why my body digests worse" (set of examinations and blood tests focused on digest tract)
Drug delivery service
Pre-surgery examination (indicated by Mediconet physician)
24-hour visiting service of a general practitioner in Bratislava and within 10 km from the city’s borders  
Free of charge vaccination against seasonal flu once a year  
Free vaccination against tick encephalitis once a year    
Free vaccination against hepatitis once a year      
Access to the VIP lounge at the Mediconet clinic    
Above-standard room in the case of emergency and scheduled hospitalization (depending on the resources of the healthcare facility and the client’s health status)    
Transport of patients to and from the physician’s office in Bratislava      
Transport of patients between two hospitals in Bratislava      
Voucher for dental hygiene, dental care or physiotherapy - - 40 € 80 €
Preventive care in the following scope: BASIC STANDARD COMPLETE COMPLETE EXTRA