The date of examination by the general practitioner no later than 24 hours Appointment of examination with a specialist no later than 14 days Treatment of an acute case on the same day that the examination was requested Waiting time for the agreed deadline of max. 15 minutes Possibility of using health services also in the Czech Republic Ensuring and coordinating laboratory tests and additional examinations Informing the client about diagnostics and treatment procedures, including the results of examinations Our goal is first and foremost your satisfaction and therefore, in addition to basic care, we guarantee you a superior service, which is enshrined in the standards of the Mediconet clinic. In creating them, we were based, among other things, on the procedures for providing healthcare to Western European countries.
Monitoring compliance with Mediconet standards
Mediconet monitors compliance with its standards in several ways. Client feedback is regularly monitored, as well as the results of analyses of intra-company procedures, which we compare with established standard procedures (quality assurance & quality control).

The result of these analyses is the flexible implementation of changes and adjustments in order to align the full range of services offered by us with the expectations of our clients. Those changes include the modification of procedures as well as additional staff training, such as in the area of attitudes towards clients. Attitudes towards clients and adherence to these procedures by our staff are directly reflected in the premium scheme of every single member of our staff.
Systems in place:
Regular client feedback analyses, client satisfaction surveys – every week our staff members connect with randomly selected clients who have visited our clinic in order to gather very valuable information regarding the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients. In this way, we regularly connect with 8 to 10% of our clients. We ask them to assess the level of services provided by us according to the 10-point satisfaction scale. The discussion panels at our reception are another valuable source of data in the form of feedback. Our clients use the questionnaires provided to write any of their comments and ideas regarding the services we provide. Feedback obtained through various other communication channels (personal communications, e-mail, etc.). Availability of the client contact center – software that is used to monitor the availability of the client contact center and the time it takes to resolve requests from clients.

Monitoring of the work performance (load) of individual specialists (planning visits) in the polyclinic using specialized software connected to the visit planning system.