1. If I want to become your client and have my own physician, is it necessary to bring my medical records (become subject to capitation) to you?

If you choose an annual healthcare programme (White, Blue, Silver or Gold Card) you do not have to be subject to capitation at our facility. But in such case we cannot produce a doctor’s sickness certificate for your employer, and at a pharmacy you will have to pay in full for prescribed medication, i.e. the amount covered by the relevant health insurance company in the case of patients subject to capitation as well as the patient’s additional payment. 
2. Do you have contracts with all health insurance companies, i.e. does it matter at which health insurance company I have insurance? 

Yes, Mediconet polyclinic has valid contracts with all health insurance companies. Provided health services do not depend on a client’s health insurance company.
3. Who can receive information regarding my health status?

Information regarding health status is only provided to the client in question. With a client’s written consent (e-mail or power of attorney) information can be disclosed to a family member or a person authorized by a client. Information regarding the health status of paediatric patients is provided to a child’s legal representative.
4. How can I make an appointment for an examination? 

You can make appointments on business days during office hours using the customer helpline +421 2 32 17 12 11.
5. How is the first visit if I purchase one of your annual programmes?

When you contact us to make the first appointment, you can choose your personal doctor who will provide primary care to you and be responsible for the coordination of subsequent specialized medical care, including laboratory tests, visits to specialists and if necessary, hospitalization.

6. What about parking at your facility? 

Mediconet polyclinic clients can park free of charge directly at the building. Access to the parking area is from Hollého Street, approximately 20 meters from the Heydukova – Hollého crossroads on the left side. Before entering the parking area report to the guard using the Intercom system to ascertain parking space number.
7.  Can annual care programs be changed during a year: for example from White to Blue card? 

A client can switch annual care programs during the contract validity period. Just send a request for change of  annual program to: info@mediconet.sk, or call the customer helpline at +421 2 3217 1211. A change of program is valid from the day of signing a contract amendment. 

8. Are additional services included in the price of the annual program or paid for separately?

The annual program consists of three parts: preventive examination, on-going health care, and additional services. The annual fee covers all parts of the healthcare program.
9. Our family would like to become your clients. Will you arrange for the transfer/transmission of the medical records of all family members to your clinic?

We will organize the transfer of medical records from your doctor and from the doctors of other family members upon the conclusion of a ‘capitation agreement’ between you as the patient and Mediconet. 
10. Is there any way to assess the work of your staff? 

In the clinic’s waiting room are questionnaires that can be completed and inserted into the dedicated box or sent to: quality@mediconet.sk

11. Is OHC mandatory for each employer? 

Amending act No. 355/2007 Coll. regulates an employer’s obligations related to the protection of health at work which involve the medical supervision of work conditions and employee health. The most important change is an employer’s obligation to ensure the medical supervision of all employees in all economic areas. Medical supervision includes all activities of occupational healthcare (hereinafter only “OHC”), namely the supervision of work conditions and the evaluation of capability for work, including the performance of targeted medical checkups in relation to work.