Health Day

Program implemented directly at the company

We spend most of our day at work so it’s very important to create a work environment that has a positive impact on employee health and their well-being at work.

This prevention-focused program allows participants to learn about the risks of diseases and methods of their prevention in an interesting and comprehensible manner.
1. Measuring cardiovascular risk factors with an Accutrend device
  • Measurement of fat levels in the blood - cholesterol
  • Actual blood glucose level
  • Measurement of BMI (BODY MASS INDEX)

The test involves a finger prick. Results are available in several minutes and the consultation including taking blood takes approximately 10 minutes. The test also includes the measurement of blood pressure and pulse, and the subsequent consultation of results in the GP’s office.

The course of measurement

Glycemic test (sugar)
  • It is advised not to eat before the test - it is a fasting blood sugar examination
  • Avoid any foods, sweets, sweet and fizzy drinks, and alcohol
  • If you have had a light meal a certain result deviation has to be taken into account

Cholesterol test
  • The evening before the measurement it is not recommended to eat high-fat food or drink alcohol

Blood pressure test
  • Come to the test on time and relaxed
  • Do not drink alcohol, coffee or larger amounts of fluid

Measurement of BMI - BODY MASS INDEX
  • Based on your body height and weight, we will calculate your BMI value. This will tell us whether your body weight is normal, underweight, overweight or obese.

2. Eye examination with a Visiolite device
The examination is recommended as an add-on to preventive care for employees that mostly work on a computer or other imaging devices. The device is portable and can immediately print measurement results. It is carried out by a nurse in consultation with an ophthalmologist and takes approximately 15 minutes in total. 

The Visiolite examination is only of an informative nature and does not replace a standard examination by an ophthalmologist.
3. Workshop - healthy office sitting and “Spine School”
A workshop on painful and healthy spines, body posture, and our movement apparatus. It explains why bad posture can have adverse effects on our health, how the spine works, and teaches correct body posture and simple every day exercises.

Workshop length: 60 minutes
Presentation: Physiotherapist

3.1. Workshop – healthy sitting, alternatives of office sitting
Analysis of movement troubles - e.g. back pain, restricted mobility, sitting lifestyle, one-side overload (work, sports, hobbies). Recommendation for individual mobility program, sports, prevention of muscle imbalance and painful conditions.

The presentation includes dynamic sitting training.

Physiotherapist consultation and advise: 10 minutes per person

4. Dermatoscopic examination
The examination is carried out by an occupational dermatologist (outside the surgery) and focuses on examining the skin and non-standard skin lesions using a dermatoscope. Subsequently the dermatologist will consult the results with you, and in the event of any non-standard marks recommend further steps in a doctor’s referral. 

Time of measurement – approximately 10 to 15 minutes per person

If you are interested we will be glad to send you a quotation.