Vitamin C infusion therapy
Do you often feel tired, overworked and your eating habits are not exactly ideal?
Are you going through the acute phase of inflammatory disease, are you allergic, or do you experience any of the frequent chronic inflammatory processes of the type of borreliosis, herpes zoster, rheumatic, chlamydia lung infections, or urinary-genital system?
Vitamin C, as the strongest antioxidant, also contributes to the targeted destruction of prevents metastasis is well usable in cancer patients as admission therapy. It significantly improves the course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy by reducing their undesirable effects.
Increased doses of vitamin C to improve the body's defenses
are needed by anyone experiencing stress,
has a higher physical or psychological burden, further:
• Colds
• Acute and chronic infections
• Inflammation
• Allergies
• Weakened immunity
• Surgical procedures
• Wound healing
• Muscle and joint pain permanent
• Stress psychological burden
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Active sport
• Ageing
• Smoking



What is ascorbic acid and vitamin C for us?

• ensures skin tension and muscle strength

• protects our body against viruses, bacteria

• stimulates the formation of ligaments, bones, teeth

• powerful antioxidant