Sedentary employment and its consequences
Many of the jobs require several hours of computer work.

When sitting, the muscles of the back are statically overloaded, and after just 30 minutes the spine begins to sagging, the lumbar spine bends.

Pressure on the intervertebral discs can result in their premature degeneration, vaulting and oppression of nerve structures, which can be very painful.

Long-term sitting and lack of movement, creates muscle imbalance, erroneous posture and this can be the cause of many problems:

  • pain (head, spine, joints)
  • tingling of the limbs
  • shallow and incorrect breathing
  • slowing metabolism
  • worsening of digestion
  • increased cardiovascular risk
So how to prevent these health problems, especially spinal pains or pains have already occurred?

It is recommended to examine the musculoskeletal system by a rehabilitation doctor who will propose individual therapy and the physiotherapist will teach the correct technique how to:

  • release shortened muscles
  • posilňovať ochabnuté svalstvo
  • follow the principles of the back school
    and correct movement stereotypes